Monday, March 31, 2008

Joel Bauer Seminar

"An amazing four days in a Mal Emery and Joel Bauer Seminar will totally blow your mind and your bank balance into the stratosphere."

“And I know If You Read This It May Offend You”

because it contains a message which most people will not understand

Hi Everyone

I am taking a big chance writing this as I know most people wont relate to its content.

What with all the info or seminars I introduce you to this has to be the most expensive, the most elaborate, the most time consuming, the most bonuses, the most life altering which means it is going to also be the most incomprehensible for many to fathom or even contemplate it to be useful to them.

And that’s OK…It’s not their fault.

It’s the mindset and culture they have been exposed to.

I know most people will say American Bull…t.

I mean many people baulk at attending a half-day seminar around the corner or even investing less then $50 on themselves; so when they see you what’s happening here they are more likely to say, “Kurt, your a goose !”
“GO AWAY you have got to be crazy.”

Some may even hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the end of the email never to hear from me again.


That’s OK. I can live with that. In fact it’s best they don’t hang around and waste their time.


if you would like to keep your mind open your senses fully aware, and like to hear about how other people are making a success of their lives then what I am going to reveal is truly mind boggling for the sales professional, boardroom presenter, the manager who needs to deliver presentations, entrepreneurs wishing to enhance their presentation skills and really anyone wishing to improve dramatically the success rate of their negotiations.

It will even help professional communicators like T.V. Presenters, Radio Personalities, Management Trainers, in fact it doesn’t matter if you are new to talking on your feet; this seminar will make you a PERSUADER of the highest calibre.


Who are Mal Emery and Joel Bauer? I hear you ask.

I have been espousing the ability of Mal Emery to you for twelve months now. Mal is the doyen of marketers in Australia. He has been likened to Dan Kennedy; regarded as having one of the best marketing minds in the world. Mal brings to Australia each year the best marketers available where it is not uncommon for him to have 500-1000 people attend his events.

Next month Mal is conducting a joint Speaker Training Event on the Gold Co.ast with Joel Bauer.

Who is Joel?

Joel Bauer IS the world’s best public speaker trainer.

Most people have heard of Anthony Robbins, the motivational guru. This is what Anthony Robbins said of Joel

And how’s this for write-ups…

According to The Wall Street Journal, Joel Bauer is undoubtedly the “chairman of the board” of corporate trade-show rainmaking. Using a compelling combination of hypnosis and sales persuasion, Bauer builds crowds from trade-show passersby, and converts them into willing prospects for his clients. Upon witnessing this miraculous, Joel-engineered conversion process, a Wired Magazine reporter called it “an incredible feat of mass obedience that must be seen to be believed.”


Over twenty million people have experienced Bauer’s traffic-stopping presentations for organizations such as 3M, Canon, General Motors, IBM, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Panasonic, and Philips. Millions of Television viewers have seen him suspend disbelief on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, and FOX.

Joel divides his time between Trade-Shows/Corporate Events, and consulting audiences/individuals with the secrets of persuasion, personal branding, and creating wealth. Bauer’s current best selling book “How To Persuade People Who Don’t Want To Be Persuaded,” has empowered over 20,000 people…

Click here to hear to watch a video of Testimonials for Joel. And if you look at the right on Google Video another video will bring more of the same.

I have also spent two glorious sessions with Joel Bauer in Sydney last year. I wrote about Joel on my blog. Here are the comments I made, some 6 months ago. I have have not doctored them for this email.
Click here to read Blog One

Click here to read Blog Two

And if you didn’t wish to go or couldn’t get to the links here are the footnotes I left back then.

Kurt’s Footnote One:
“Joel is a legend, which essentially to me means, soak up what you can from this man he has much, much to offer.”

Kurt’s Footnotes Two:
Love Joel or be intimidated by him; does it really matter if he can live up to his goal of “Having you retired within 3-5 years with a profitable back-end.”

For mine Joel - I love you.

Now About Mal Emery…

I know Mal Emery personally.

I am the person who got Mal to fly 4,278 klms and sp.end 9 hours with me for $37.40

Why, because I needed to pick Mal’s brain and he desired to watch his beloved West Coast Eagles play football. (The $37.40 was the cost of the AAMI Stadium ticket.)

Mal is the real deal. I have been a subscriber, a follower, an implementer of Mal’s methods and they work. He has made more millionaires in Australia then most. He has changed my mindset, my actions and pointed me in the right direction to achieve the same.

Well as I said…

This email will offend. It’s out of the reach of most people and ONLY a select few will see the real benefit.


Only a select few will be able to go anyway.

Because Mal and Joel are only taking 50 primary registrations. And nearly 30 people have now registered.

But by allowing only 50 you will not only get personalised service (not a crowd presentation) you will be able to talk, touch, discuss things with them for four full days. No doubt there will also be nights thrown in as well.

So if you interested in transforming your skills click this button for the Mal and Joel Ultimate Speaking Event 2008.

This is a Joel Bauer Seminar you do not want to miss.

But be aware the price, the commitment and the VALUE is huge.

Cheers and Great Selling
Johansen International Pty Ltd
0412 94 77 33

PS If you find this opportunity too overwhelming to miss out on AND you are lucky enough to gain a spot let me know.
I will throw in a FREE TICKET to one of Mal’s Platinum events in 2008 valued at $1997.

PPS: This bonus can only be obtained from me. (I squeezed it out of Mal for people on my list). There’s only 3 Platinum events left this year, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth…. where the best marketers in Australia get together in a Mastermind group and share and learn. (I paid $2500 each one I attended last year just to make sure I got in).

PPPS: Yes, $1997 extra from me free - WHY an I doing this?
Because I believe you deserve all the accolades and help you can get for taking this step to learn from the world’s best.

PPPPS: The link again is click here to register. Make sure you let me know you have booked, it’s the only way you will receive this extra BONUS of a Platinum Event ticket valued at $1997.00